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Content Management

Content Management

In the world of e-business, content flow is as imperative as cash flow. If a business enterprise cannot rejuvenate the information regarding its product and services on a continuous basis then it will not be able to make optimum use of internet. If you want to update or add new content to your web site on a regular basis and that too without spending an extra amount and with with least botheration, the content management service is chosen as a way to automate the content gathering and delivery process.

What is CMS?

A content management service (CMS) is a program that is used to manage the content of a dynamic web site which includes creating, publishing, organizing, storing, and maintaining the site. Our CMS allows the content manager to keep the site up to date and give assistance to those who do not have enough technical knowledge about web technologies.

The core application of the CMS is to manage content during its entire lifecycle, that is, from creation through publishing the content. A typical CMS separates page design from content, thus facilitates content maintenance and design changes on regular basis.

At Leelam, we make use of CMS to publish a wide range of contents:
  • Simple pages for normal presentation
  • Complex pages, with specific layout and presentation
  • Training material
  • Online manual
  • General business documents
  • Extensive linking between pages
  • Dynamic information source from databases

Why Leelam CMS?

At Leelam, we are committed to provide a wide range of business benefits to our customers that can be obtained by implementing CMS. Our Content Management Service combine strong, call-to-action copy with effective search engine optimization to deliver content that improves your rankings, attracts target audience, and then convinces them to take your desired action. Our CMS provides following benefits to you:

  • Content editorial service
  • Content styling
  • Standardization of web styling
  • Proof reading
  • Copy editing
  • Research
  • Referencing
    • Content flow management
    • Monthly content assignment management
    • Content contribution and approval management
    • Content placement
    • Images, videos, and new page designing

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